Welcome to MaidHouse. Run by a geek, this website is the public side of a slightly automated house in Maidenhead.

Part of the system is a weather station, which produces its own Maidenhead weather web pages (courtesy of the very lovely Cumulus software). It even creates realtime weather gauges updated every minute. Every minute the outside temperature is posted to Pachube, sorry Cosm, sorry Xively here: Maidenhead outside temperature.

Electrical power is monitored by a Current Cost power meter which spits out serial data to my Arduino Mega 2560 and that sends it over the WWW through an ethernet sheild to a MySQL database.  Every minute this same data is averaged and posted to Xively here: Current Cost electricity meter.

The system also tweets about weather changes and electrical power usage at MaidHouseSays.

PHP does the monitoring and tweeting.

Check out, also, our Blue Tit Cam - a webcam inside our bird nesting box active in early spring (February-May).

If all that geekiness has excited you enough that you want to contact me, go ahead.